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Floating / Cantilevered Spiral / Tubular Staircases


What is a cantilevered or floating spiral staircase?

The actual term 'floating spiral staircase' is not really true, as the staircase does not really float, but gives the look of floating staircase treads. These custom spiral stairs use minimal components and have the staircase treads open and hanging on one side. Floating stairs are beautiful visually and are very safe to walk on when installed correctly. Many staircase companies in the UK supply spiral type staircases however few have the experience and commitment to providing the best spiral cantilevered or floating stairs.



Where can I buy floating or cantilevered spiral staircases in the UK?

If you are looking to buy a spiral staircase in the UK, you should look no further than The Floating Staircase Company. Based in Middlesex, they offer supply and fitting of all types of spiral staircases in wood metal and glass applications. They offer budget spiral staircase solutions as well as luxury custom made spiral staircases to your exacting spiral stairway specifications. This makes the Floating Staircase Company the best place to purchase floating stairs in the UK.

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